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Steps to Create Reports in Salesforce

Here are the rough steps to create the Reports in Salesforce.

1. Go to Report tab

2. It show the 3 window panes, one for Field lists, Filters and Preview

3. You can easily add columns by dragging or double clicking and do the same for multiple fields by pressing control key

By default it shows in Tabular format. Lets take the example of Opportunities.

4. Once columns are final for the opportunities, click the drop down icon on desired column say "Lead Source" and select "Group by this field". Report format changes from Tabular to summary.

5. Now lets do the Summarize on the Amount field, by clicking drop down and select "Summarize" with SUM function ( Available options = Sum, Avg, Max, Min)

6. It shows the Sum of amount for each lead source and a grand total in the end.

7. You can Show or Hide the details of all records and keep only Summary

8. Also you can add More fields to summary  like Type, Probability etc

9. Finally you can save the Report by clicking on Save As, and choose the folder based on the users to whom you want to give access. Save to Unified Public Groups for all Users.