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Salesforce Visual Force Interview Questions - 2

12. What are the Best Practices to Improve Visualforce Performance? 1) By using the with sharing keyword when creating your Apex controllers, you have the possibility of improving your SOQL queries by only viewing a data set for a single user. 2) The view state size of your Visualforce pages must be under 135 KB. By reducing your view state size, your pages can load quicker and stall less often. 3) Reduce Multiple Concurrent Requests: use <apex:actionpoller> 4) Preventing Field Values from Dropping Off the Page. 5) Large page sizes directly affect load times. To improve Visualforce page load times:       Cache any data that is frequently accessed, such as icon graphics.       Avoid SOQL queries in your Apex controller getter methods.       Reduce the number of records displayed on a page by adding filter condition in SOQL 13.  What is the maximum size of the PDF generated on visualforce attribute renderAs? 1 . Before being