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Key Factors to Keep in Mind for Siebel EIM

1. Mandatory Columns for Data Import and Deletion • When performing import and merge processes or DELETE EXACT in Siebel EIM, populate the following columns in the EIM tables: ROW_ID, IF_ROW_STAT, IF_ROW_BATCH_NUM. Additionally, for merge processes, populate the IF_ROW_MERGE_ID column. Avoid using spaces as values in these required columns, as spaces are not equivalent to NULL values. 2. Limitations on Manual Column Mapping • Siebel Tools does not support manually creating mappings to existing Siebel base columns. Be aware of this limitation when working with column mappings in Siebel EIM. 3. Creating Explicit Primary Mappings • To create an explicit primary mapping, both the parent and primary child tables must be mapped to the same EIM table. Suppose you already have a direct preliminary mapping. In that case, you can set the primary explicitly during import or update by configuring the primary flag column in the EIM table. 4. Special EIM Tables for Deletion • EIM_NOTE_DEL an