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Exporting Error from Siebel Application

There are times when we have do some import and export to and from the siebel application and we do without any hasseles. But if you recently patched up your environments with the, you might face an error some thing like below while exporting.

Error writing XML to file ‘D:\XXXXXX-XXXX.xml’.

File could not be created as the directory specified for the file creation is not valid.(SBL-EAI-50228)

This error is specifically due to the enhanced security in the latest patch, which will allow you to write files only to the specified directory annd this affects both siebel thin and thick client.

To workaround this restriction there is a CFG parameter EAIFileTransportFolders, for which you need to create an entry in tools and your application cfg for the specific folders where you want to export.

EAIFileTransportFolders = c:\Myfiles;d:\users\ExportedFiles

If you want to export anywhere into your local machine, then you can update your cfg something like below.

EAIFileTransportFolders = c:\;d:\

This way you can export to any folder in C and D Drive, though this is not recommonded but you can continue to use this if you dont have open UI enabled.