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Top Photo Editing Apps


App Price: Free
Platform: iOS & Android
  1. Best app for re-creation of artistic styles
  2. Transforms image into graphic artwork using its artificial intelligence
  3. Ideal for creating a fancy art out of image to be shared in social media
  4. New version lets users crop images instead of applying filter on the complete image and rotate.

Autodesk Pixlr
App Price: Free
Platform: iOS & Android
  1. User friendly rich interface
  2. It has lots of presets and a huge range of controls
  3. Editing options great for social media posts
  4. Features such as radial or linear blur adjustments, double exposure, a red eye fix and spot healing.
  5. Good frame options, stickers and a text tool makes Pixlr worth using

Adobe Lightroom Mobile
App Price : Free
Platform : iOS & Android
Features :
  1. All the editing tools available in the full version
  2. Images can be rated and flagged
  3. Automated features with the tap of finger
  4. Edit Raw files from iPhone
  5. Few major enhancements available are, Clarity & Colour settings, dehaze, gradient, exposure, localization

Adobe Photoshop Express
 App Price: Free
Platform: iOS & Android
 User friendly editing options
  1. Good Range of basic correction tools
  2. Unfortunately there are no perspective or geometric corrections and also no localized adjustments
  3. Enhancements such as Highlights, clarity, noise, sharpness, contrast, shadows, color temperature

Google Snapseed
App Price: Free
Platform: iOS & Android
  1. Selective color channel adjustment
  2. Geometric corrections and selective adjustments can be made
  3. Wide range of filter effects, such as Lens Blur.
  4. Glamour Glow, Grunge, Noir and HDR Scape and a selection of frames

App Price: Free
Platform: iOS & Android
  1. More emphasis on natural appearance and subtlety instead of swanky HDR effects
  2. Commonly used preset styles
  3. User friendly and easy to use
  4. Highlights and shadows can be individually tinted to create a really stylized effect
  5. Few enhancements that you can do are Exposure, highlights, shadows, white balance, clarity and skin tones are amongst the adjustments, whilst images can be straightened and have their perspective corrected.