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Local Testing setting in Debug mode in Siebel Local

In order to test your changes in the local we need to setup the Debug setting in Tools to be able to launch the Thick client. In tools, go to View->Options, a dialog box opens up then Click on Debug tab which looks as below screen shot.

For the first time you have enter some paths in this dialog box as below.

Executable – Provide the client Siebel.exe file path name, usually its under Client folder of you installation.

CFG file – Provide the client CFG path with file name, make sure you have client local path specified inside the file.

Browser – Provide the Internet Explorer exe file path

Working Directory -  Usually its under the BIN folder within Client. You can also try the ENU under BIN if its not working.

Provide USERNAME and PASSWORD and select data source as Local.

PS: Make sure you have compiled your changes into your .srf (local srf) which is specified in the client cfg mentioned in the debug settings.