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EDQ Interview Questions & Answers-1

1.    What are the types of external souces from which you can import data into EDQ?
EDQ can import from different types of sources like text(.txt, .dsv etc), excel (.xls, csv), and all types of databases like Oracle, DB2, Postgresql, Mysql, Microsoft Sql Server, Sybase etc..

2.     What are the objects you create in EDQ to import files or from database?
First of all we need to create a Data store pointing to file or database and then create and run the staged data to import data. In case of file you can either give the local path or if its server give the server credentials and path of the file to select the file.

3.    What is the Staged data?
Staged data is where you store the intermediate or final results within your EDQ space, it’s like a EDQ table which stores the Processed data from the processes

4.     What is the different between Staged data and Reference data?
Staged data is used to store the data being processed or the final data after processing and considered as working data.
Reference data is something which you refer with some values in the working data and get the other corresponding values from the reference data in a same record.
Ex: Suppose you have country in your working data as “United States of America” and for the country code, you look up in the Reference data with Country name and get country code, where you have already stored all country and corresponding codes.

5.     Name some of the commonly used processor
·        Reader
·        Writer
·        Lookup and Return
·        Logic Check
·        Duplicate check
·        Group and Merge
·        Merge etc